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Laser Hair Removal (For Men)

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Why choose Laser Hair Removal from Greenwich Medical Spa:

  • Greenwich Medical Spa - Locations Greenwich CT, Westport CT, Scarsdale NYWe have more than 14 years of experience providing safe, effective laser treatments.
  • Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair.
  • Laser Hair Removal means you’ll be smooth year round.

Guys, do you have hair in all the wrong places? With a series of non-invasive Laser Hair Removal treatments, we can permanently eliminate unwanted hair on virtually any area of the body and on the face, too. That means your hairy back can get and stay smooth, and so can your chest, neck, and shoulders. If you are ready to give up shaving your face and the razor burn and bumps that can accompany it, we can treat your beard and mustache, as well. Instead of completely removing hair, some men prefer to have it thinned. With the targeted laser, we don’t have to remove all of it; you can just have less to deal with. Laser Hair Removal offers you the chance to tame the beast once and for all.

About Laser Hair Removal for Men

We perform Laser Hair Removal with our Palomar IPL Starlux system, the best hair removal technology on the market. During this non-invasive approach to hair removal, light from the IPL wand penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicles. The light’s heat destroys the hair follicle and causes the hair to fall out. The IPL light can affect hair follicles only when they are in the growth phase, which means additional treatments are needed to catch more follicles as they enter this phase. Typically patients will require 6 treatments to achieve full results. Once the necessary series of treatments has been completed, these results are permanent.

Because the IPL light targets pigment in the hair follicles in order to destroy them, darker hair responds best to Laser Hair Removal. However, this treatment usually is not a good option for very blond, white, or gray hair because the laser beam has no target color that can be isolated.

laser hair removal for men
This is a beautiful Med spa with a luxurious but comfortable feel. Amber is amazing!! She is by far the best! She’s not only bubbly, beautiful and sweet but is also very smart and an amazing injector of Botox and Juvederm. I couldn’t ask for more❤️
Valerie Barrett

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