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CourageIsConfidence Campaign

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#CourageIsConfidence Campaign

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are excited to launch #CourageIsConfidence. As a part of our commitment to confidence and championing women, the campaign aims to create and encourage conversations about confidence. At Greenwich Medical Spa, we are telling women “You can be confident.” We’re celebrating the women that are doing it. We’re not telling women to “Be courageous.” We’re celebrating just how courageous women are today.

Beauty captivates, motivates, and transforms. Yet beauty cannot always be objectively defined, despite it being within each of us. Above all else, when beauty is missing, we feel as if we are at our worst, versus trying to be at our very best.

We will lead the conversations with our patients – the center of our campaign. We will generate buzz to stimulate conversation around the need for empowering courageous women in our backyards to do something they’ve never done before.

If you have a courageous story to tell, please share your story using #CourageIsConfidence on social media to show us how you are creating a more beautiful and meaningful world by inspiring others. Look out for more content here and on our social media channels, Instagram – @GreenwichMedSpa and Facebook – GreenwichMedSpa.

The Confidence Diaries

Empowering women reveal their secrets for turning off self-doubt and tuning into inner strength.


Meet Lisa Cassella, 51, who’s had the courage to reinvent her life and career when things weren’t working—and more importantly, not making her happy. She’s found her bliss with a career in real estate, but it didn’t happen overnight. Daily gratitude, trips outside her comfort zone, inspiring mantras and a little bit of disco give her the confidence she needs to live her life with zest and purpose.

Here’s what she did to get there and what you can borrow from her positive mindset in your own life!

Set the Tone Each Day

“I feel most competent and successful when I’m doing something that I love. I’m probably the most successful and confident in the morning because my day hasn’t started, so I get up and read something inspirational. I write down some affirmations and…”


Stefani Calvano, 45, is the director of operations for Greenwich Medical Spa—a job that puts her on cloud nine and provides immense personal and professional satisfaction. She even credits GMS founder Marria Pooya as her confidence role model, giving her support and encouragement she never imagined possible.

Stefani’s journey to finding her inner strength has not been an easy road. She grew up being told that her life would be filled with struggle and roadblocks that she could never push past. Until, she finally found the courage to take over the narrative and write herself the fairy tale she knew she deserved. Here’s Stefani’s brave story of living the life she was told she would never have and how you can overcome any self-doubt that’s holding you back too…

My Dream Job…


Meet Chardia Christophe-Garcia, 34, Marketing Director of ForbesLIVE. Chardia is poised, motivated and ready to take on the world. She credits much of her strength and success to her family, learning what it really means to hustle from her parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Guyana in South America.

But that doesn’t mean Chardia’s confidence came naturally or she always knows the right thing to do. Her self-doubt manifests through “imposter syndrome,” causing her to wonder if she’s really the best and most deserving person for the opportunities that come her way. Well, she has nothing to worry about as she’s 100% the real deal with incredible insight on how anyone can stop “imposter syndrome” from taking over and let that inner confidence soar.

Why Conf…


Meet Aneela, 41, a beauty expert and women empowerment influencer. You could think of her as the “woman whisperer” because she feels most at peace when helping others find their true passions and callings. As a make-up artist, she realized the search for the right lipstick shade went so much deeper, so she took the time to talk them through and help them find that inner fulfillment.

But, Aneela’s gift took time to come to the surface and bringing self-love to herself has been a journey. From grappling with the devastating loss of her mother to overcoming the emotional scars of being bullied to finding clarity on an unforgettable voyage to Paris… Aneela’s life could’ve gone in a much different direction. Instead, she took control of the narrative and changed the tone.

Here’s how you can follow her advice a…


Micaela Christophe, 34, is a corporate event manager at BNY Mellon in New York City. Her job requires much leadership and a steady projection of confidence for her team and clients. Her poise and self-assurance make her one to watch in her field—but what you see on the outside took a lot of inner work and self-reflection for Micaela to get there.

Here’s Micaela’s story, in Micaela’s words, about how she stopped self-doubt from holding her back and why “faking it till you make it” is her proven approach to accomplishing anything in life!

How She Brings Her Confidence to a Peak . . .

“I feel the most confident on days when I’m putting on an event where people look to me as the subject matter expert and rely on my guidance to help execu…


Meghan McSharry, 23, is a recent college graduate and beauty/lifestyle blogger. On the outside, you’d think she has it all together—and she does—but it wasn’t always that way. And it takes work that she’s willing to put in on a daily basis to embrace herself and find her the most confident version of herself.

Here’s Meghan’s story, in Meghan’s words, about how she learned to recognize the importance of self-care, started talking back to her anxiety and why embracing her outward appearance became a catalyst for transformational changes on the inside.

Simple Things Can Equal Big Confidence . . .

“I feel the most confident and successful on the days when I get up early, get in a quick workout, shower and take my time getting ready. I apply my favorite makeup, blow dry my hair, a…


Wendy Cohen, 51, is a bodybuilder. Her dedication to her physical appearance led to an incredible boost to her inner-confidence and reversal of negative self-talk. Life hasn’t always been kind or gone the way that Wendy expected. But she’s never wallowed in self-pity, instead she used her experiences to rebuild her life and start living it on her own terms.

Here’s Wendy’s story, in Wendy’s words, on how a little bit of daily discipline is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, how even simultaneously getting divorced and watching her house burn down actually allowed her to find self-love and why getting older is only giving her more confidence to do anything she sets her mind to!

Strengthening the “Love” Muscle from the Inside Out

“I feel the most confident when I fe…



Meet Katey Cusack, 31, a model and dressmaker who didn’t always believe she had the traditional looks—or drive—to make it in the fashion industry. But she stood up to the self-doubt that was holding her back, pushed past her fears and stepped outside her comfort zone.

The results? Self-love and inner confidence she’d denied herself for so long. While her confidence journey is still a work in progress, her story is here to inspire you to dream big and follow all your heart desires.

Facing—and Rewriting Fears

“I’ve always been overweight, and I always had it shoved in my face, by my family and my grandmother. I loved my grandmother to death, but she had me on Weight Watchers in second grade, so it was always something I was very aware of. But when I was in my mid-twenties, I st…